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Businesses aiming for significant growth typically face challenges and opportunities that their existing experience doesn’t equip them to address, or perhaps even recognise until it’s too late.

You know your target markets and and their needs. You know your products and services. Day to day business skills such as attracting, retaining and delighting your customers, accounts administration and regulatory compliance are all well in hand.

However, as you work towards significant expansion of your business, especially if it’s for the first time, you’ll need help with specific issues directly related to that growth – issues such as raising finance for major expansion, navigating the mergers and acquisitions maze, and deciding whether, where and how to invest.

As you target new markets, introduce new products and services and embrace new channels, opportunities and threats will arise. Recognising these early and making the right decisions about them, quickly, is key to the health and growth of your business, but can be difficult without the necessary experience in house.

Get the expertise and experience you need with Momentum from Alpha Financials. Momentum gives you the edge that your competitors don’t even know they’re missing, through Finance Director level advice, analysis and feedback.

With your ambitions, you’ve moved beyond the realm of accountants. You really need an experienced Finance Director comfortable with difficult decisions combining commercial, financial and strategic inputs.

Momentum brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the issues and challenges that businesses face when seeking expansion, right into your team, enabling you to drive and secure strong, sustained business growth.


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Video case study

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Business Planning

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How to Raise Money

Clearing the hurdle of deciding you need to raise capital is a big decision – but it’s only the start. The path to raising capital is rife with pitfalls. For instance, where do you begin to look for the source of money? Do you go to a regular High Street or specialist bank, a venture capitalist, a business angel, or dig into your own pocket?

Alpha-Financials knows what is required for each of these options and will ensure you get the appropriate outcome and the best financial deal.

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Your business finances are disorganised and/or your business faces solvency issues.

You might be at the point where you just don’t have the time, energy and/or knowledge to manage both the financial and operational aspects of your business.

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Investment Decisions

Correctly pricing a bid is the key to securing your future, but this requires balancing complex trade-offs between competitiveness, risk management and profitability.

At the same time, you have to choose between different options, each having different risks, durations and cash flow profiles. Needless to say, the project appraisal process is anything but straightforward. Why risk your future, when you could leave the navigation of this difficult task to someone with the experience, specialist skills and resources in investment appraisals that you really need?

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Valuing a business correctly largely depends on why you want to have a company valuation in the first place. Whether you’re negotiating with prospective buyers, buying out fellow shareholders, supporting an employee share option scheme or for other HMRC purposes such as family involvement or even divorce settlements, Alpha-Financials will match an independent company valuation to the specific situation you have.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A without the stress, pain or headaches – YES, it is possible!

If you are considering the sale of your business, or the purchase of another – whether in part or a complete buy-out, Alpha-Financials’ in-depth experience of M&A transactions ensures you sell or buy at the best possible price, within an agreed completion timescale.

More so, our comprehensive menu of project financing services means you save time – and money!

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Increase Profits

Increase your profits by finding your business’ hidden cash

What is hidden cash?
This is money trapped in your business today and released without extra sales tomorrow. The effort required to get it is minimal compared with the benefits, but if you don’t use it, you lose it.

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Why Alpha Financials?

Established in 2009, Alpha Financials has extensive experience in fulfilling the various reporting requirements placed on smaller businesses, quickly, efficiently and effectively.

We’re expert and efficient, but you’ll also find us accessible, friendly and approachable. When you have those accounting questions that inevitably arise, we’re here to help.

We understand that you need to know that your statutory obligations are in good hands, so you can focus your creativity, energy and time on running your business. That’s exactly what Basics does for you – dependably, accurately and promptly, every time.

  • “Our financial reporting was slow and unhelpful. Alpha-Financials has provided us with the best financial reporting we’ve ever had.”

    James Hammersley, Founding Partner Good Growth Ltd.
  • “How do I achieve the lowest energy bill possible? With Alpha Financials’ help, we determined that a second hand gas boiler was the most economically viable option for our company.”

    Mark Teideman, Owner Cherry Tree Preservatives
  • “Alpha Financials’ input was invaluable to delivering such a successful workshop and we would not hesitate to recommend their expertise of finance and the renewable energy sector.”

    Dr Cecilia Fenech, Research Fellow Cranfield University
  • “The Alpha-Financial team took our project on board showing as much enthusiasm for it as we did ourselves. Any task we undertook they committed themselves 110%, their dedication was second to none. Any help we required they gave without question.”

    Greg Nicklin, Owner Marsh Hollow Farm
  • “Alpha Financials produced a very impressive, interesting and helpful report and the company showed great commitment and consistency despite difficult circumstances.”

    Abdulhady Taher, Director Organia Ltd