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AF Director Appointed to the Board of Good Growth

In January 2015 Peter Harding of Alpha-Financials Ltd was appointed to Non-Executive Finance Director of Good Growth Ltd, a strategy and digital media company. The relationship between the two companies started in early 2014, when Alpha-Financials was approached by Good Growth to run its accounting systems and those of its related businesses. By creating more meaningful historic reports tailored specifically to the company’s needs, Alpha Financials set about revamping Good Growth’s monthly reporting systems. Sage, the traditional accounting package was replaced by a more modern, cloud-based accounting system and this proved a success. Good Growth, impressed by what they saw, invited Peter to attend regular board meetings and James Hammersley, a Founding Partner of Good Growth, commented that Alpha-Financials provided the,
…best financial reporting we’ve had since Good Growth started up.
Peter was subsequently appointed to Non-Executive Finance Director of Good Growth where he has continued to provide the company with sound financial advice.     Good Growth logo v2