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Q1 ‘Alpha-IMPACT!’ – How can we assist you?

Q1 was a busy time for us, with several projects that utilised our extensive experience and unique way of working. (1) We completed a detailed valuation analysis for a property company based on its business plan. Our specialist valuation model allowed us to rapidly change all the key underlying assumptions concerning prices, volumes, time delays between building and selling its products etc. This analysis changed the owners’ perspective of the relative desirability of debt and equity and persuaded them to change their approach to financiers. Our model allowed us to complete this work from scratch in less than two weeks, with more than 90% of the effort focused on data gathering, reviews of draft contracts and analysis rather than data input and spreadsheet building. (2) Alpha-Financials also completed a simple valuation in February for an internet service company to facilitate an investment by a private SIPP. Although not using our bespoke valuation model, our experience allowed us to rapidly produce an outline valuation based on applying adjusted market multiples to sales and profit forecasts. (3) In March, Alpha-Financials we established a new ‘part-time Finance Department service‘ for a prominent Real Estate company in Somerset. Many business owners struggle with cash flow on regular basis, not realising that they have HIDDEN CASH ALREADY WITHIN THEIR BUSINESS! The thing is knowing how to identify this cash, and also how to access it. There are no tricks or smoke and mirrors involved here – it is serious accounting techniques that will help you find this money. To find out how you could access your hidden cash, contact us for an obligation free consultation today.