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At the end of June, we secured an accounting implementation package for a company in the UAE together with a package of financial analysis work. The first work stream seeks to achieve a quantum improvement in financial operations efficiency and reporting. The financial analysis work seeks to systematize regular investment appraisal decisions by instantly providing a range of sensitivities for prospective purchases in order to better judge the risk/return trade-offs. Both are exciting new projects for us involving cross border work and tapping into our wide experience of systems and financial modelling. Although Alpha-Financials has recently focused on the UK market, we have extensive international experience, particularly with investment appraisal, so these projects represent a return to our roots!   Additionally, in converting sole traders to limited companies, we completed company valuations for a toy retailer in Greater Manchester in May and two separate clothing businesses based in Lancashire in June. All these valuations were based on an analysis of sales and earnings ratios from quoted companies undertaking similar activities, with further adjustments to cater for the size of the firms involved and their particular circumstances.