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Business Valuations UK

Valuing a business correctly largely depends on why you want to have a company valuation in the first place. Whether you’re negotiating with prospective buyers, buying out fellow shareholders, supporting an employee share option scheme or for other HMRC purposes such as family involvement or even divorce settlements, Alpha-Financials will match an independent company valuation to the specific situation you have.

This is important to note, as there are many available business valuation methods – so choosing the right one is crucial. These different methods can lead to widely different valuations, so it is essential you match the optimum approach with the particular situation.

The most common question to start with is ‘how much is my company worth?’ To know this, you first need a clear insight into the entire business valuation ‘picture’.

Although a single figure will eventually be required for contractual purposes, it rarely makes sense when you are first trying to understand how to value a business in a very uncertain world. Establishing the background allows for a far richer picture of the business to be established, which is crucial to achieving an optimal valuation. Interestingly, using this technique, not only do potential buyers receive a better understanding of the business, but often the business owners gain new insights into the true value of the assets they have – which translates into additional confidence in asking for a higher price in negotiations. As a result, business valuations can involve many important elements of your company and its worth.

To see the whole picture, Alpha-Financials uses five key guidelines for valuing your business in a credible and meaningful way:

 “Rivington Accounts is an award-winning accountancy company based in Lancashire.  We have engaged Alpha-Financials for a number of business valuations across a wide range of industries and have appreciated their specialist expertise, responsiveness and value for money service”

Martin Horton, MD

Why Alpha Financials for your Business Valuation or Project Valuation?

When it comes to determining how to value a business or a project, Alpha-Financials distinguishes itself from standard company valuations because:

We know that the financial knowledge required to run your SME on a day-to-day basis is very different from the knowledge you need when deciding how to value a business. Alpha-Financials closes this divide by minimising the financial uncertainties typically encountered when valuing a project or company. Don’t take a risk with the value of your business. A professional company valuation service could save you thousands of pounds in the long-term and is an investment in the value of your assets.

Business Valuation UK: What you get

With our standard business valuation UK, you will receive:

In Summary: How to Value a Business:

If you’re asking:

How much is my business worth?
Can I buy my partner out?
Is it time to sell up and retire?
Is my partner offering a fair deal?
Does it make sense to merge our businesses?

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