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Increasing cashflow and profits by finding your business’ hidden cash

What is hidden cash?

Increasing cashflow is an individual process unique to most businesses. However, for many companies, you can increase cashflow by finding hidden cash. This is money trapped in your business today and released without extra sales tomorrow. The effort required to get it is relatively small compared with the benefits, but if you don’t use it, you lose it. Alpha Financials can help by finding hidden cash, which increases financial headroom and, in the process, can raise revenue and profits. Not only will you increase cashflow, but you’ll also be able to optimise profitability within your business.

Benefits of finding it:

Owners don’t find it because they:

Examples of Hidden Cash:

Increasing Casfhlow The Alpha-Financials Way:

This three-stepped continuous process is simple and self-financing but requires a very trained eye. Increasing cashflow and profits starts by understanding the process and engaging with your business on a granular level.

1. It is crucial to identify the right information. This might already be available in your company but nobody realised its importance or cared to ask for it. Accountants typically do not gather this required information as they naturally collect past data, which is useful but insufficient to take future decisions, which must to be based on future cash flows. Financial Forecasting and a well-founded understanding of the flow of cash within your business is what Alpha Financials do best. With experienced bookkeepers, management accountants and Finance Directors, we’ll know exactly where to look and what kind of information we need to collate in order to get the process started. 

2. The timing has to be right too, as you need to take decisions today that will influence your cashflow next month. Increasing profits usually doesn’t happen overnight, but finding hidden cash can impact your cashflow immediately, as the funds are already present within your business.

3. Now armed with real transparency about your financial performance which emphasises cashflow forecasting, you can target profits and establish the required financial links to physical measures. Remember, the benefits to you and your business include:

A better understanding of your company’s current and future financial position
Improved cash management
Reduced risk for any need of emergency funding or, in the extreme, bankruptcy
Higher profitability
Better decision making and improved levels of confidence for yourself, your banks and your financiers.

Above all, our accounting service will give you the possibility to increase cashflow and revenuein a tangible and immediate manner. Simply fill out the contact form below to get started and we’ll let you know how we aim to help you take your business to the next level.