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Cyberspace security taken seriously at Alpha-Financials

Cloud Services Providers usually stress improvements in quality or reductions in cost which accompany a move from local, off-line systems to on-line software.  However, recent studies indicate that the main concern of users is security and indeed this is the main barrier to adoption.  Whether or not a real security threat exists, a widespread perception of IT security risk endures and the latter is what matters.  A recent Tata Consultancy survey of 600 large international companies  found that only 20% would put their most critical applications in public clouds, although this increases substantially for private clouds – 48% in the UK, 66% in the US. The keys to overcoming these perceptions are (1) treating security as a key part of the service (rather than a ‘hygiene’ issue buried in the service agreement detail and (2) ensuring that the security offered is as good as or better that what exists in the customers own internal systems.  The expert view is that eventually customers will become as comfortable with the cloud business model as they are with internet shopping which most of us undertake regularly undertake without concern. Financial Times June 2012 Alpha Financials are xero certified advisors