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An Investment Appraisal can help you assess whether a proposed project or business investment is worth your time and money. Correctly pricing a bid is the key to securing your future, but this requires balancing complex trade-offs between competitiveness, risk management and profitability.

You must also choose between various options, which each come with their own risks, durations and cash flow profiles. As a result, the investment appraisal process can prove long, complicated, and fraught with uncertainties. Why risk your future, when you could leave the navigation of this difficult task to someone with the experience, specialist skills and resources in investment appraisals that you really need?

When it comes to Investment Appraisals, we know exactly what to focus on and can guide you through this difficult and arduous process.


Investment Appraisal Mismatch

In a bid situation where there is a mismatch of revenues and costs, pricing your offer and making sound capital investment decisions can be a complicated matter. Similarly, investing in a new project or buying new equipment typically requires a large up-front spend. Whilst this could put a strain on your available cash resources and may require you to secure additional financing, it also creates a unique opportunity to transform your business.

Alpha Financials provides the solution to these and other scenarios, ensuring business owners know how to value these opportunities. Our Investment Appraisals allow you to understand the likely returns, how risks and returns can influence them and, in the case of a bid, what price will prove competitive whilst also ensuring good returns into the future.

Based on our extensive experience in investment appraisals, our assessments deliver you the keys we believe that any effective appraisal should contain:

Client Testimonials:

“How do I achieve the lowest energy bill possible?  With Alpha Financials’ help, we determined that a second hand gas boiler was the most economically viable option for our company” Mark Teideman, Owner Cherry Tree preservatives

 “Alpha Financials produced a very impressive, interesting and helpful investment appraisal report and the company showed great commitment and consistency despite difficult circumstances” Abdulhady Taher, Director Organia Ltd

Why Alpha Financials’ Capital & Project Investment Appraisal Service?

In Summary

If you’re making a Capital or Project investment decision and asking yourself:

How should I price my bid?
What rate of return can I expect while remaining competitive?
How should I factor in my risks and opportunities?
What’s better: high up-front + low variable costs or low up-front + high variable costs?
Should I invest in project A or project B?
Should I lease or buy this asset?
What impact will the project have on my balance sheet?

Then your answer is Alpha Financials. Contact us today for more information about our Investment Appraisal services.

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