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Privacy Policy


What information is collected

We collect telephone numbers and email addresses of prospective clients

For actual clients we also collect detailed financial information.

Where information is collected from

Client information is collected from these sources:

  1. Directly from prospective or actual clients
  2. Third parties
  3. Publicly available information
Why information is collected

Contact details from prospective clients are collected so that we can engage with them to discuss whether our services would be beneficial to them or not.

For actual clients relevant and necessary data is collected so that we can undertake the work we have agreed to complete for such clients.


How information is collected

Directly supplied information will be submitted willingly to us through our website, email, post or personal contact. We do not use cookies to obtain user information.

Data purchased from third parties is only done so once these entities have confirmed that they adhere to all privacy and data protection regulations and laws.

Publicly available information is generally obtained from internet searching or trade journals.

Who information is shared with or sold to

We neither sell nor share client or prospective client information with any third parties.

All data held on Alpha Financials’ computing resources is password protected.

What rights users have over their data

Any client or prospective client has the right to have their details removed from our systems.

However, we would like to draw clients’ attention to the fact that for legal and regulatory compliance and crime prevention we may obtain, process, use and disclose personal data about you. We may have to do this without informing you in accordance with Anti-Money Laundering legislation.

The site’s contact details

Any queries about our privacy policy should be addressed to:

Alpha Financials Ltd
Hogmoor Lane
RG10 0DH

0118 9349897

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