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Annual Accounts &
Self Assessment

… are annoying and add little, if any, value

…. but, legally, they must be done annually

Our guarantees to you:

  • You’ll get a super competitive price
  • We’ll proactively find you extra tax-savings and help you grow your business

Why Choose Alpha Financials?

Alpha Financials should always be your first port of call when it comes to annual accounts since we offer you:

  • Low cost annual accounts, tax return and all submissions to HMRC and Companies House without sacrificing on quality
  • Quick turnaround time to ensure the avoidance of penalties
  • We guarantee a lower price than any accounting company with qualified staff and professional indemnity insurance in place

We would like the accounts to be the start of our working relationship, not the end.  Focusing on your needs, we want to act as your financial sounding board, help you grow your business and increase your profits and cashflow  

£350 (2022)

lowest price ltd co accounts

3 days (2022)

Quickest completion of accounts

100% (2022)

Customers Returning (ex sell-offs/closures)

£150 to £1,500

Range of penalties for Ltd Cos and LLPs

Frequently Asked Questions

For limited companies, annual accounts need to be produced 9 months after their year-end.  Any corporation tax due for that period must also be paid by that date although interestingly enough the tax return itself is only due 12 months after the year end date.

The best way to reduce your annual accounts costs is to ensure that your financial system efficiently and accurately records all financial information related to your business.  In theory, if this works 100% properly, your accountant could produce the accounts without making any changes to the data at all.

Our prime commitment to you is that we will always offer you a better service for the same price that you are currently paying.  We view annual accounts as something of an evil necessity which adds little if any value to your business – they need to be produced as quickly, cheaply and painlessly as possible.  Then we can focus on the things that really matter – improving your financial performance.

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