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Bookkeeping + Payroll & VAT

= your financial operations

They need to be done:  

  1. Properly
  2. On Time
  3. At A Sensible Cost

Why do you need good financial operations?

While bookkeeping may not provide an obvious benefit to your business, accurate and current financial information is a key enabler for managing your cashflow and getting valuable insights into your business operations. We’ve certainly encountered businesses with terrible bookkeeping and it’s possible to survive but not thrive with this approach.

Struggling to process VAT and payroll accurately means unnecessarily upsetting employees and incurring fines from HMRC that can prove significant if repeated.  HMRC has estimated that only 85% of VAT due is actually paid, so with increasing automation, scrutiny of returns is only likely to increase.

Most of these activities can and should happen like clockwork, so if you’re taking time out of your business to tackle them, it’s probably a distraction and not the best use of your time.

We’ll improve quality of your financial operations and save you money

How do you get fast, accurate and cost-effective financial operations?

The keys to success here are getting in the right systems and processes and automating wherever possible.  The latest cloud-based accounting and support systems offer simplicity and ease of use with excellent functionality and great value for money.

Numerous software packages exist and we’re particularly keen on combining Xero with Dext so as to maximise the automation of expenses and invoices, deliver an efficient payroll, implement automated bank feeds and secure almost perfect backup.


Creates reliability


Reduces errors, improves speed


Cloud based, inexpensive and easy to use

Options for organizing your financial operations

Option 1

You retain control of all transaction processing and in so doing minimise external costs.

We can still independently review your operations to suggest improvements via our subsidized Financial MOT.

Option 2

However, many business owners lack the time and knowledge to deal with their financial administration and to keep up with the constantly changing financial regulations and administrative requirements.

So this alternative option offers your business the chance to transfer these onerous tasks to someone who can complete them accurately and efficiently while you devote your precious time to other activities which add more value to your business. It will also reduce your stress levels.

Option 3

Combines the features of the options one and two above by reviewing each of the key financial activities and allocating them to either you or us depending on your needs.

In this way you may achieve a good balance of service and external cost which can also change over time as your needs evolve.

Whichever approach applies, you’ve come to the right place to seek help and guidance


Clients late filing penalties, last 2 years


Starting price for monthly financial operations


Average client cost savings pa

Frequently Asked Questions

Bookkeeping is the process of recording all your financial transactions in a finance system. These transactions mainly consist of all inflows and outflows from your bank and credit card accounts but also sales and purchase invoices.

The first thing to get a cost effective and efficient accounting system which is easy to use anywhere (eg Xero). Secondly, are there opportunities to automate how the required information gets into the system (egDext) which will save money and time.
Sadly, we often see poor bookkeeping which can result in a complete absence of useful information to show how the business is performing or to assist in the decision making process.  It will also drive up the cost of producing the annual accounts.

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