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Business Plans

… a “must” whether you self-finance or require external funding, and they cover the full spectrum:

From starting-up, expanding, buying another company and selling-off to closing-down a part of your business.

  • Even when self-financing, it is important to reduce unpleasant surprises and to understand well in advance what realistic return to expect on your own investment.
  • Even a good business plan will not eliminate all the risks of aproject but it will substantially reduce risks, allow you to build safety nets or at least highlight them so you proceed with your eyes wide open.

…ensure you get it right the first time

The Business Plans contain two parts:

A “project story” backed up by a “financial analysis”. 
Unsurprisingly : They must match.

When the feasibility indicates the viability of your idea then a business plan becomes very important. It takes the feasibility study a step further by firming up the project’s profitability, verifying  the detailed assumptions and quantifying the uncertainties.

A Business Plan clarifies the (investment) opportunity and reduces risk

You cannot raise debt (borrow) or go for equity (let someone share the risks and rewards of your efforts) without a credible business plan. 

  • It will also provide information on the most suitable financial structure. What is in it for you at different levels of debt and/or equity?
  • Our business plans have stood the scrutiny of UK and international parties as they are the result of decades of experience. Whilst we have covered many industries, we have expertise in some particular ones.

Start-up idea

Does your idea make financial sense, have all costs and benefits been considered?

Grow internally (organically)

Ensure you put your resources in the correct area of your business, by analysing the most profitable areas

Grow externally (acquire or merge)

Getting the price right entirely relies on having a professional investor ready business plan.

Where you are now determines what kind of business plan you require:

The kind of business plan that you require depends entirely on what you wish to use it for. Which of the following applies most closely to you?

Option 1

We never take over your idea (be it starting up/expanding/merging/selling) but ensure that the story matches the numbers (produced by yourselves or us). Is the business plan FIT FOR PURPOSE, being;

  • to give yourself piece of mind that your idea is financially viable
  • to convince the famous FFFF (friends, family, followers and fools) to support this venture, or
  • going for the maximum scrutiny to satisfy external lenders or equity investors to finance your business idea. With our years of finance directorship and banking, we have sat on both sites of the table.
Contact us to discuss your detailed requirements. Or look at our sounding board options.

Option 2

It’s probably less obvious why working with us might benefit you when your business plan is in place;

  1. We all get too close to our own projects, it’s natural. An experienced independent party, who is on your side, to confirm it is complete, fit for purpose, and consistent will significantly improve the quality of your plan and thus minimize the chances of rejection by funders who might not offer you a second chance. We offer a range of assistance from quick perusals to detailed scrutiny and act as a sounding board to improve your plan.
  2. Approaching the market with an investor ready business plan is the next step, but how do you do this and who do you contact?  With years of finance and banking experience, many successful deals and hundreds of contacts we can help you raise the funds

Getting it right first time increases your chances of raising funds enormously!

Contact us to discuss your detailed requirements. Or look at our sounding board options.

Option 3

Common sense dictates that when both your idea and funding are in place it is highly unlikely that you will have raised funds externally without a business plan (although we would like to hear about that). It remains crucial to compile a business plan if you fund yourself. Two major reasons are;
  • We all grow too close to our own projects – an independent, but experienced and objective partner can ensure that a) the underlying assumptions and risks of your project have been properly addressed at the outset and captured in a working business plan and b) the focus of such a plan increases the chances of success of the project
  • There may be more ways to fund your project than you first realise. Some of these options might be worth considering in terms of improving your overall risks and rewards.
Contact us to discuss your detailed requirements. Or look at our sounding board options.

Download an example redacted business plan


Of external funding attempts fail because the business plans are not fit-for-purpose

Banks confirm

A substantial number of business plans have no proper link between words and numbers


Numbers of business plans written, reviewed or implemented by Alpha Financial staff

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