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Financial MOT

If you are a little confused with your accounting or finance:

  • My cashflow is unpredictable
  • I don’t have useful or timely financial reports
  • I’d like some effective, independent financial advice
  • I feel my accounting could be improved, but I don’t know how
  • I need to raise some funds

Then try our highly subsidized (£590) and refundable Financial MOT to solve these issues in a low-risk manner.

What is the purpose of the Financial MOT?

The purpose of the Financial MOT is to identify profit improvement opportunities. This can be through identifying;

– Efficiency improvements
– Process enhancements
– Cost reductions
– Growth options
– Improved performance information

Depending on your needs, we can undertake a General MOT or a Customised MOT.

How it works

  1. We hold an initial telephone discussion with you to discuss your business and known problems or issues
  2. You send us some basic financial information
  3. We analyse this data
  4. We come to your office and interview you and your key staff
  5. We complete a further analysis
  6. We draw up our conclusions and make recommendations to you as to how you can improve performance and cashflow or raise finance

What you need to do

Provide us with existing financial data, typically:

  • Full accounts (ie profit and loss plus balance sheet)
  • Latest management accounts (if they exist)
  • Latest business plan (if you have one)
  • On-line read-only access to your finance system (possibly)

Make yourself and key staff available to discuss your business

If you’re satisfied with our recommendations:

Pay us a £590 fixed fee (which is fully refundable if you subsequently decide to engage us in an ongoing service

If you’re not satisfied with our recommendations:

Pay a portion of the fixed fee to an agreed charity

Our deliverables

Professional review of your business using highly qualified and experienced Finance Director and Banking staff

Guaranteed identification of performance improvement opportunities (otherwise no fee payable)

Independent sounding board to advise on how to implement them

Our Options

Standard MOT

Customised MOT

Choosing the right option

Two types of Financial MOT are available;standard and customised.  Both seek to identify potential areas for improvement

Option 1: Standard MOT

For a standard MOT, we will review all financial aspects of your business to identify opportunities to improve processes, performance and cashflow.

Using our extensive financial experience in a variety of industries, we identify weaknesses that can be solved and opportunities available but not yet taken.

Contact us to discuss your detailed requirements. 

Option 2: Customised MOT

Alternatively, if you have a specific requirement you receive a customised  MOT where we focus on a particular financial aspect which you have already identified as an area of interest.  Often this might be a need for financing. If you need funding: Ex-city banking experience and a successful track record in completing various forms of financing will maximise your chances of securing funds.  Based on your current and future performance we will advise you on the most suitable form of financing available, its sizing and likely impact on your business.

Contact us to discuss your detailed requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A financial MOT is a very quick and cheap way of identifying financial problems that you might not even be aware of yet together with opportunities to improve profits and cashflow.  It also allows both parties to build up a working relationship.

Having demonstrated the benefits to both parties of working together and building up trust, a successful MOT will naturally progress to a broader and on-going agreement to work together.

The whole process incorporating financial analyses, site visits and a concluding report is completed within one month.

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