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Sounding Board

You are never too small to benefit from a Financial Sounding Board.


  • You don’t get proactive advice on how to increase profits
  • You’re not sure that you use all available tax saving opportunities
  • Your cashflow causes you unexpected problems
  • You need financial advice from someone who is on your side
  • Your financial reports don’t help you to run or improve your business

… then we’ll solve them in a self-financing way

WHAT is a financial sounding board?

By using masses of experience with both large and small companies, you receive:

+ first rate financial analysis and advice
+ an examination of your problems and opportunities
+ someone you can bounce ideas off

 ie. maximise your chances of growing successfully

You’ll feel more in control of your finances, take improved decisions based on better information and sleep easier at night.

HOW does it work?

Depending on your needs, we can help you in the following areas:

What’s the best way to get going?

Coffee and a chat

Relaxed way to discuss problems and options

Usually a great way to start a business relationship in a relaxed setting. Get an early insight into key issues facing the business and how they might be addressed

Financial MOT

Find improvements via in-depth but subsidized and refundable analysis

The next stage is to reach some very specific actions to start addressing problems and opportunities into real deliverables. Our subsidized and refundable Financial MOT offers the chance to make real progress with very little commitment or cost from your side.

Annual Accounts

Reduce these costs by 10% and build from there

A necessary evil, but we’ll save you 10% off last year’s cost and in the meantime, we’ll get to know each other better and find some opportunities for improvement

Frequently Asked Questions

Running an SME can prove a lonely process. Having a part-time financial expert to call on when you need gives you reassurance that your finances are in order, can improve the quality of your decisions and helps you sleep easier at night.

Many SMEs don’t have a sounding board and can survive and even perhaps thrive without one. It’s just that generally, with the right one, you’ll do even better!

With our vast array of financial experience including fund raising, banking, mergers and acquisitions and performance improvement, there are few financial issues we’ve yet to come across. Combined with our enthusiasm and work ethic we’re convinced you’ll appreciate our service and find it pays for itself.

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