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Alpha-Financials joins RegenSW

Alpha-Financials is pleased to announce it has joined RegenSW, the leading centre of sustainable energy expertise in the south west of England. Director Anne Laleman  clarifies  that, “Becoming a member makes perfect sense for us.    RegenSW has a proven track record in connecting the various players interested in renewable energy.  This association will help us expand our network of  partners with whom to develop projects which deliver such energy.” How useful this is became clear at the first RegenSW meeting the Alpha-Financials team attended in Bristol on May 14th.   The grid connection was being discussed the very day after the DECC announced its consultation on changes to financial support on solar PV.   “The meeting was well organised and its content could not have been more topical. It was interesting to learn about the launching of the Renewable Energy Grid Collaboration Service.” Have a look at the Alpha-Financials entry in the RegenSW directory.